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FLO'MOTION | House Workshop | Tamara Robledo Oud
FLO'MOTION | House Workshop | Tamara Robledo Oud

Di., 29. März


Grüner Jäger | Jägerlounge

FLO'MOTION | House Workshop | Tamara Robledo Oud

FLO'MOTION präsentiert: House Workshop mit Tamara Robledo Oud und anschließender Free Session!

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29. März 2022, 18:00

Grüner Jäger | Jägerlounge, Neuer Pferdemarkt 36, 20359 Hamburg, Deutschland


FLO'MOTION präsentiert


Tamara Robledo Oud | House Workshop

Tamara Robledo Oud (1993, Barcelona) based in Rotterdam, is a Dutch/Spanish professional all-round dancer with the focus on the street- and club styles. She is mostly known for her House dance, Waacking, and personal flavour, which is often described as groovy, rhythmical and expressive.

 She started dancing at a very young age and has been trained in several styles over the years, which resulted in her own flavour of moving, combing all this information. She aims to intuitively move how it feels right, what the music or the moment is calling for. Feeling first, no matter the style. Ofcourse being trained in certain styles more, a lot of her expression gets translated through those languages, but she always aims to keep exploring and expanding within the freedom of her movement.

She has toured (inter)nationally with various Dutch theater companies. She also performed at (inter)national festivals such as Amsterdam Dance Event, Summer Dance Forever, Ladies of Hip Hop (USA), B Supreme (UK), Istanbul Streetdance Carnival (TURKEY) and Faro Urbano (SPAIN) to name a few.

 Commercially she has worked with brands such as Nike, Red Bull, Absolut Vodka, Elle Magazine and more. Next to performing and creating she works a lot within education, teaching at different dance educations in the Netherlands as well as open classes at Hiphophuis in her hometown Rotterdam and workshops at several spaces in and outside of the Netherlands. She also organizes small events within her local dance community. She is active in the (inter)national battle scene, dancing on some of the biggest battle stages such as Summer Dance Forever (House and Waacking), Red Bull Dance Your Style, Juste Debout and winning titles within House, Waacking and All-Styles such as UK Champs World Champion House, Istanbul Streetdance Carnival, Spin Off, Get Your Waack On and more.

Tamara’s passion lies within creating experiences for people that bring them closer to themselves and each other, through various forms of ‘edutainment’. Aiming to bring an opportunity for expression, growth, connection and recognition. Whether it is through teaching, performing, creating or organizing, her mission is the same in all that she does; ‘to connect and elevate through heArt.’


Einlass / WarmUp: 17:30 Uhr

Beginn Workshop: 18:00 Uhr

Beginn Free Session: 20:00 Uhr 

Tickets Workshop: 10,00€, 

Bitte meldet euch vorab beim Team von FLO'MOTION an.

Der Eintritt zur Free Session ab 20:00 Uhr ist frei.



FLO'MOTION bringt Tänzer:innen aus der Freestyle- und Club-Kultur sowie aus dem Zeitgenössischen und Experimentellen Tanz zusammen. In einem wechselnden Workshop-Programm mit anschließender Free Session mischen sich die musikalischen und tänzerischen Stile.

Aus dem Willen Weiter-zu-Tanzen ist FLO’MOTION 2020 als Open-Air-Jam im Sternschanzenpark entstanden, zu einer Zeit wo es so gut wie keine freien Tanzorte mehr gab.

FLO’MOTION will nun eine Plattform schaffen, um die Potenziale, positive Energie und Freudenmomente der Hamburger Tanzszene sichtbar und teilbar zu machen.


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